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An Embarrassing Story from One Fourth of July...

Funny and embarrassing story about one of the first Fourth of Julys I spent with my husband and his family: We were enjoying some time on a beautiful lake, with beautiful weather. It was the kind of weather that we dream about for summer: cloudless, sunny, breezy, and warm. I'm VERY fair-skinned....like, if I step outside for more than an hour without sunscreen, I'm toasted...for real. On this particularly sunny and breezy day, I decided to forego the sunscreen option in the morning to get a "good base". This is a decision that I later regretted when, upon getting off of the boat, my mother-in-law lovingly looked at me and asked, "Is your forehead swollen?" In the shiny chrome reflection, I saw that my forehead had, indeed, swelled.

Horrified, I spent the rest of the night putting ice to my face, praying that it wasn't really as bad as it seemed. After all, I had to return to work and meet with clients! To my dismay, it only got worse, as the swelling dropped further down my face and swelling my eyes. Of course, this made me look like a car accident victim whose forehead was now leathery and flaky...good look, I assure you.

So, what is the moral of this story, my friends?? Have fun this weekend, but bring LOTS of sunblock and a hat. 

And if you're having a party outside, let us cater it, so that you all you have to worry about is basking in the sun.....but only if you're wearing a hat. ;) Call us at 413-569-2007

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