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Apparently Your Afternoon Pick-Me-Up CAN Get Better!

If we’re all being honest, it feels like our mid-afternoon coffee break is the only thing that gets us through the rest of the day sometimes. That piping hot, aromatic liquid in a cup wrapped in my own two hands is sweet, sweet comfort and the perfect boost to end the day on the right note.  

I know it is hard to imagine how this time of day could possibly get any better, but according to the writers at POPSUGAR, it can. They recently posted an article titled, “12 Ways to Make Your Coffee Break Better”. I have to admit that I was skeptical at first, but they presented some ideas that I will definitely be trying on my next caffeinated hiatus, including:

·         Be Smart! They recommend listening to a podcast or learning a new language, even playing a brain game…anything to keep your brain active and healthy.

·         Read a Book! They also suggest tackling that personal reading list that you’ve meaning to conquer.

·         Network! You know, it’s not such a bad thing to get to know your neighbor in the cubicle next to you…after all, you have at least eight hours per day in common!

If you want to know more of their pretty great ideas, visit the article on their website. And the next time you take your coffee break, we’d be honored if you took us along! Our coffee is fresh every day, so it’s ready for anything: breaking the ice with a coworker or even comforting you when you relate to the main character of that book you’re reading maybe a little too much… (No judging; we’ve all been there…)!

See you around the cup,

Heidi :)

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