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Truth or Lie: Apples Are Good For You

good appleWe all know that apples are good for us, but are we all familiar with these nutritional benefits? Curiosity about these apples got the best of me (you know, it being Fall and all…), so I decided to look it up. Below, you will see the list of 5 nutritional benefits of apples from EatingWell.com—while not an exhaustive list, it seems like the apple is well-suited as a daily nutritional staple:


·         Good-for-You Goodness lots of fiber, itty bitty calories, and 1 medium-sized apple=about 1 cup of fruit

·         Tiny Waists apples fill your tummy without a lot of calories, so you can satisfy your hunger in a healthy way

·         Good for Your Heart studies have shown that women who eat apples on a regular basis have a lower risk of death from coronary and cardiovascular disease

·         For more on these tips and to get the other two, visit the site


Another great thing about apples is that when you grind them up, they make a great little drink called “Cider”! Even better? We are now serving hot and iced apple cider to warm up your fingers and delight your taste buds! So join us in our celebration of Autumn and apples with a tasty cup of cider from our Café!


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