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Why "Afternoon Tea"?

Have you ever wondered where the British tradition of “Afternoon Tea” originated? That’s funny…me too!


According to AfternoonTea.co.uk, Anna, the 7th Duchess of Bedford, started the afternoon tea tradition in the early 19th century. She would feel faint in between meals in the afternoon and would have bread and tea sent to her rooms privately. Her friends began to join her, and before long, tea in the afternoon became a fashionable thing to do. The article also stated that, in today’s Great Britain, Afternoon Tea is a bit of a luxury.


Afternoon Tea might be a luxury nowadays in England, but that hasn’t stopped them from drinking tea in general…and I don’t see why it should stop us either! We have some of the best selections of teas from the masters at Harney & Sons Fine Teas—green, black, and oolong. We even have some organic offerings!


So get in touch with your inner duchess and drink some tea (even if it is 10am…)!

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